Princess Packers

Everyone I know hates moving, its simply not enjoyable in any way or form. You have to deal with moving companies you don’t trust,  a bunch of men who are not sympathetic to the seashell mirror you bought in Mexico, your grandparents china or the painting your five year old painted. Now you no longer have to be frustrated, you can get movers that will handle your stuff with the outmost care and you will do a good deed at the same time. I am talking about the Princess Packers from .

The Princess Packers are simply really smart woman with delicate hands who also are college students working their way through school. They are professionally trained at the Meathead University and they come fully equipped, so you don’t have to spend time wrapping each little pink china puddle you have on your shelf. They have completed over 20.000 moves and handles every move with the same ease and care, they make sure your stuff wont break and are punctual and polite. You can follow and read more about the princesses and other movers here The princesses works hard because for every box they pack $1 is donated to the Cinderella Fund, who provide grants for children who’s families are suffering from hard times. The grants provides for children’s development athletics, art and education.

When you live in Los Angeles, you are always looking for that perfect apartment which makes you move all the time, support your college students, take the hassle out of moving and do a good deed.  Book your move here

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