Yes, Im still alive..

Me on my Birthday!!

Me on my Birthday!!

It’s time for a little update from me on the blog, lets see what have have happened since I connected with you last.. I Had my birthday, yes its true I’m a year older, Birthday’s are funny they either make you totally happy or really sad, sad because you don’t want to expect to much so you stop yourself from preparing yourself, so you are never really ready for your birthday oh and yes it doesn’t help when your whole family lives on the other side of the globe. anyways Yes Happy Birthday to me.. Then it was Valentines day and sought of the same thing happens there which is 2 days after my birthday, then I had an anniversary with my husband not our wedding one but the first day we met, its a great day because sometimes we celebrate it and sometimes we don’t, this year we did with a great 4 course meal at one of my favorite hotel Casa Del Mar.

On to my working life.. as you know most of 2010 I worked on Danske Hollywoodfruer, it was fun, exiting, really hard, and an experience for life that I will always treasure. I don’t know yet if there is a season 3 of the show, it’s very up in the air, hey what’s new, that is always how my life is. I promise when I do know, You my dear reader will be the first to know.

Now onto something really exiting next week im leaving for NY yes my love New York City, how could I have left you for all this time, I will be there for 11 days and who knows I might never return..

In June there might be another trip to Denmark.. but more about that later..

I promise to update from NYC..

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